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Tips guide search for memory care facility


Q: I’d like to tour memory care facilities for my relative, but where do I start? There are so many! A: Looking at the big picture can be very overwhelming. Instead, break down your search into smaller questions.

What area would I prefer to have my family member in? How far can I travel to visit them? What is truly important to me in terms of their care? How important are things such as activities and food?

Next, call facilities in your target area, bearing in mind you might have to go outside that area to find what you are looking for.

Once you have a better idea of what the facility can offer based on your preferences, schedule a tour with a few of them. Every community has its strong suit.

Q: When assessing my relative’s care needs, who can help me with that – a doctor, a representative from a memory care facility, a private consultant?

A: Start with the primary care doctor and any specialists. These are professionals who can offer suggestions based on the diagnoses and health-care background of your loved one.

A representative from a memory care facility can also help identify care needs.

Before your relative moves into a memory care facility, a care plan will be created based on medical records and family input.

You know a lot more about your loved one than anyone else!